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The Virtual Gallery of


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With this CDROM you can explore the paintings of  Era Rika by "walking" (by few mouse-clicks) through a Virtual Gallery with many corridors and boxes in building of three floors. With a click on a painting you get a bigger version of the painting and some related information. You have also the possibility to explore the paintings and their information (title, dimensions, execution, etc.) by means of the "Catalog".

You can execute the programme directly from the CDROM (without any installation procedure) or you can first install the programme onto your hard-disk which is recommended for better performance. The Installation is very simple and does not modify in any way the technical configuration of your Windows.


- PC with a processor of min. 500MHz and min. 96 MB memory (RAM)
- Screen-resolution of min. 1024x768 pixels
- Screen color-depth of min. 16 Mio / 24 bits
- CDROM drive of min. 24x
- About 200 MB of disk-space (if you install the programme)
- Windows 98 or 2000 or XP

There are 4 versions available: English, franšais, deutsch and a "multi-language" version with all three languages (see image above).

Here are some example screens of the English version:

Entrance of the virtual gallery

One of the corridors ...


An optional window displays - on behalf of a plan - where you are and in which direction you are looking ...


This is an example of a wall with paintings


The first page of the "Catalog"


Example of a Catalog page


Here you have the possibility to search for a painting